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You are what you eat.

For centuries, civilizations across the world have evolved around this simple yet important philosophy of good living. Come to think of it, Food has indeed been an integral part of our very existence – we celebrate with food, bond with food, express with food, and even get treated with the right kind of food.

While little thought is spared to the fruits and vegetables that we eat today, what hasn’t changed is that food is the single resource we invest in everyday – for survival, sustenance, entertaining our palate or even expressing emotions. And lately, for health too!

But those convenient, fitting into packed schedules and mobile lifestyles concept yielded result? Has it enabled us to imbibe those healthy nuggets into our present lifestyle, with an interesting gourmet twist? These were the thoughts that led to the coming together of two different school of food philosophy to create Healing Recipes – Back to Roots, a three-day celebration of ancient food philosophy presented in a manner that is easy to adopt.


Promoter & Co-Founder, Healing Recipes

An accomplished business leader with the experience and extensive interest in Marketing, International Business, Ideation, M&A, Joint Venture and one of the minds behind “Healing Recipes”. Awarded the “Entrepreneurial Excellence Award for Ayush Leadership 2017” by India Salon & Wellness Awards for his endeavor in promoting Ayurveda globally, he is among the top entrepreneurs in the industry, and his retreat, Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village has remained among the top 5 wellness destinations in the world. Healing Recipes – Back to Roots is one such initiative of his unique approach.

Madhulika Dash
Madhulika Dash
Curator & Co-Founder, Healing Recipes

A senior journalist, Madhulika is known as much for her well researched columns on food and food history as it for contemporary trends. Hailing from one of the culturally rich state of Odisha, her travels pan India has helped her gain and insight not only to the different food tradition in India, but also their philosophy. This knowledge has helped her gain an insight into food that is both an indulgence and a healer. Healing Recipes – Back to Roots is an initiative to present those little discoveries, but with a modern appeal.